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Will, Thomas and Dylan playing Fugitive.

#the kids realising Kaya took advantage of their distraction and running for their lives






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Dylan gets lost in the Maze


So, this is the time I met Thomas Sangster.

It was September 16th, 2014, at approximately 7:20 PM. The event they were all there for (the 92Y Q&A), started in ten minutes, and I refused to go inside because I knew he had to be coming soon, since Dylan, Chris, Kaya, James, and a bunch of other people besides Thomas arrived.

Now, when he showed up, I assumed he was going to walk straight inside, because Dylan and Kaya did. So I just thought that he was going to walk inside too, since he’s kind of antisocial and shy. So when he got out of the car, I was all excited, BUT THEN HE LITERALLY STARTED WALKING STRAIGHT OVER TO ME. Our eyes locked, and it was the most amazing thing ever.

His publicist was trying to get him inside since he was late, but he started taking a picture with the girl next to me. His back was pushed up against me because it was so crowded, and I almost fainted.

Anyway, so then he walked by me and went to my friend on the other side of me, and he took two more pictures, and started walking away. And then his publicist said, “come on, let’s go inside.” And he was about to walk in, and then he turned around and saw me yelling his name and holding out my phone, I was practically crying at this point because all I wanted was a picture with him. So he jogged back over and smiled and said, “do you want a picture with me?” And I was freaking out, and I took a picture with him, and he thanked me for coming, and then walked back inside.

HE CAME BACK FOR ME. It was definitely the best moment of my life.

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